About Us

Simply Ganesha was started in April 2005 with its first solo exhibition at the Times of India Art and Design Show in Mumbai. The appreciation from this trial exhibition, culminated in us increasing our range from 200 to1000 forms both traditional and contemporary. Every piece is unique in itself and most of the pieces are made without the use of any mold so replication is difficult. This brings in the uniqueness and the exclusivity in our pieces.

Simply Ganesha is focused on the most versatile idol i.e. Lord Ganesha. which is one of the few idols accepted in any form or medium. Our craftsmen are salt of the earth whose imagination is not constrained by formal training and whose passion manifests in enduring art forms worthy of Presidents medal.

The creation of each piece is founded on the historical wealth of knowledge attributing individual meaning to each Ganesha form which evolves from the imagination of the artists.